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Black Cat Creation's Newest Patterns

My Side Quilts 1

BCCMYS - $10.00

Minay Sirois

Swizzle Sticks

BCCSWIZ - $10.00

Minay Sirois

Ocean Treasures

BCCOTSRHV - $15.00

Margaret Batterton

Retro Stars

BCCRETRO - $10.00

Claudia Pruett Atchison

Southern Sky

BCCSOSKY - $10.00

Jamie Janow Elfert

Regency Stars

BCCRGNCY - $10.00

Minay Sirois

Oh My Stars!

BCCOHMY - $10.00

Diana Hill

Puss in the Corner

BCCPUSS - $10.00

Lynn Roddy Brown

Jacob's Chain

BCCJCHAIN - $10.00

Minay Sirois

Endless Possibilities

BCCEP - $10.00

Lynn Roddy Brown


BCCTNSKIT - $38.00

Phyllis Petersen



Phyllis Petersen


BCCSHIMR - $9.50

Minay Sirois

Be-Weave It or Not

BCCBWION - $9.50

Judy Dohrman

Quick Seminole

BCCQSSW - $9.50

Nancy Altsman

Zu Zu's Petals

BCCZUZU - $9.50

Claudia Pruett Atchison

Licorice Whip

BCCLWHIP - $9.50

Jamie Janow Elfert

By The Sea

BCCBYSEA - $9.50

Jackie Theriot

Remember Spring


Judy Reynolds

Remember Spring CD


Judy Reynolds/Digitized by Margaret Batterton

I Used to be a Layer Cake


Nancy Altsman